Power ECMAScripting

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Devices supported by server side ECMAScript

Personal Digital Assistant
Smart phone

This website provides a comprehensive introduction to Power ECMAScripting.

Power ECMAScripting involves the optimized use of ECMAScript resources in the design, implementation and operations management of both the server and client side program functional components of web applications.

ECMAScript is the ECMA Standard 262

ECMAScript is the ISO/IEC Standard 16262

ECMAScript resources include:
  • Client side ECMAScript
  • The ECMAScript core standard (ECMA & ISO)
  • Server side ECMAScript extensions of the core standard

The scope of Power ECMAScripting

A summary of the scope and capabilities of Power ECMAScripting can be seen by Clicking Here.

Power-ECMAScripting can achieve several orders of magnitude gains in performance taking ECMAScript well beyond the performance of existing web client side scripts. This is particularly true in the case of mobile applications where server side support represents a quantum leap over the power of "mobile apps".

Methods to lever this gain in applications power include careful systems design, configurations that optimize data and information access according to applications knowledge domains and critical decision analysis considerations.

Power-ECMAScripting capabilities can be further enhanced through the use of advanced client platforms, server auxiliary functions and interface scripts that can manipulate operating systems.

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